In addition to custom options, we also have a fixed range of products available in stock for the bakery sector and food service. These are distributed under various brands, each with their own specialization, through reputable wholesalers.


Deleye is the foodservice brand of Joriba Bakery, and the result of 30 years of craftsmanship and passion for pastry. With our extensive range of refined luxury pastries, made with our homemade mousses and fillings, we aim to cater to market trends towards convenience, individual portions, and mini indulgence. We offer both classic favorites of premium quality and exciting new flavors such as yuzu and tonka.


A pastry cream to fill your pastries or bake into your viennoiserie? A rice cream filling made with the finest ingredients for your traditional rice pastries? With our years of expertise, we create deliciously authentic fillings for artisan bakers, available in piping bags, pouches and buckets.