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Our products are manufactured in-house at Joriba Bakery from A to Z. With respect for the high quality of our products, we only work with pure ingredients from respected and certified suppliers. For our production, we try to source as much as possible from local Belgian players, since the brand 'Belgium' always guarantees the best quality and we want to limit our ecological footprint.



In a family atmosphere where every employee is important to bring our products flawlessly to our customers according to our high quality standards, we at Joriba Bakery have an eye for the people behind the production process. Driven by our long-term vision, we want every employee to have a flourishing future within Joriba Bakery that is tailored to personal needs and professional ambitions.



We have installed solar panels on both the site in Ledegem and the 2 sites in Moeskroen, so that our production equipment can be driven as much as possible with green energy.



Within Joriba Bakery we continue to focus on sustainability and innovations. We continue to invest in new machines and packaging technologies to give our products as long a shelf life as possible and thus also reduce waste at our customers to a minimum.