The story of
Joriba Bakery

Our roots lie in pure artisan craftsmanship that has always delivered high-quality products since its origins, from the “Diksmuidse boterkoek” (Belgian hero) which started it all, to boules de berlin, éclairs and luxury patisserie, which are today our most popular product groups.

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Joriba Bakery Ledegem BV

't Lindeke 20

8880 Ledegem, Sint-Eloois-Winkel


+32 56 50 07 50

Joriba Bakery Mouscron SA

Avenue Nadine Pollet-Sengier 8

7700 Lowingen, Moeskroen


+32 56 50 07 50

Joriba Bakery Deleye SA

Avenue Nadine Pollet-Sengier 2

7700 Lowingen, Moeskroen


+32 56 85 24 29