Joriba is born

The success of the Diksmuidse buttercake makes the small bakery burst at the seams. In 1984, the bakery moved to a new location in Lendelede and was renamed Joriba (Johan-Ria-Bakery).



Due to strong growth and stricter hygiene rules, it was decided in 2005 to build a new location in 't Lindeke in Sint-Eloois-Winkel. The new site gives Joriba the space to grow further and in 2006 the first production of traditional éclair tubes for the bakery sector is started.


Takeover of Derinop

Joriba takes over Derinop. The producer from Hoegaarden makes artisanal cream rice and pastry pudding for the bakery sector.


New production site

Joriba is expanding with a new production site in Mouscron, which will focus on boules and mini boules. The start-up is planned for mid-2023.


Diksmuidse boterkoeken

The bakery was born in the 1940s in Esen (Diksmuide) as bakery Tuyttens, known for its sugared butter cake. In 1978, the Vanlerberghe family took over the bakery and the unique recipe of the 'Diksmuidse butter cake'.


Boules de Berlin

Joriba is expanding its range on the new site with the production of its first Boules de Berlin, albeit with a typical Belgian signature: an airy dough baked in sunflower oil. A success formula that makes Joriba the Belgian market leader in this delicacy.


Takeover by the Family Ide

The Ide family takes over Joriba and immediately opts for growth with the development of a number of fully finished and mini products to supplement the existing range of semi-finished products for the bakery sector.


Takeover of Deleye Products

Joriba takes over Deleye Products, specialized since 1993 in the production of innovative, refined luxury patisserie and desserts for the frozen food service. This acquisition gives Joriba Bakery the opportunity to offer the entire spectrum of desserts, from classic pastries to luxury patisserie, to its customers.


Joriba Bakery

The group becomes Joriba Bakery with 4 branches: Joriba Bakery Ledegem, Joriba Bakery Deleye (formerly Deleye Products), Joriba Bakery Mouscron (the new production site) and Derinop.